Top spots to find in Puglia, Italy

Top spots to find in Puglia, Italy

Part of the appeal of Puglia is its sluggish way to deal with regular daily existence. Southern Italy’s rising star has antiquated farmland stitched by a sun-blanched sandy coast and is the place where voyagers come to get away from the excited vibe of close by Tuscany.

This year the locale’s wonderful scope of private manors, numerous with private pools and consistently with stunning perspectives, will be especially mainstream, as it permits social separating without settling on the delight of movement.

Proficient occasion rental organizations, including Puglia Paradise, have executed progressed against Coronavirus conventions to securely have visitors.

So what does this lovely locale have to bring to the table? Here are our main ten ideas:

1Valle d’Itria

Trulli of the Itria valley

Trulli of the Itria valley (c) Puglia Paradise

Valle d’Itria, additionally called “Trulli valley”, has a remarkable fantasy scene specked with previous laborer homes known as Trulli (plural of Trullo). These conventional Apulian structures look interesting with their colony of bees formed rooftops and are ingeniously produced using stones that laborers cleared from their rough fields. These constructions were not difficult to raise and similarly as simple to wreck if essential and offer warmth in the colder time of year and coolness in the late spring months.

These whimsical Trulli, set in the serene Puglia open country, have been reestablished as occasion homes with private pools.

For instance, Corte Bianca in Valle d’Itria has been painstakingly revamped to unite customary highlights and contemporary style.

Trullo Rosanna

Trullo Rosanna

In the core of Valle D’Itria is Trullo Rosanna, an isolated spot offering great open air living with a private pool, obscure gazebo and serene nurseries ignoring olive and almond forests.

The ocean and the area’s delightful sea shores are close by.


Vieste, Gargano, Puglia

Vieste, Gargano – picture civility of Puglia Paradise

In the spike of Italy, Gargano is packed with delightful fishing towns, dull and old woodlands inland, fine sandy sea shores and fixed by rough bluffs, secret caverns and beautiful bays. It is ideal as a center point for eco-the travel industry and to unwind.

The most famous and trendy town in Gargano is the middle age town of Vieste. It’s a delight to walk through its restricted roads, passing whitewashed houses meanwhile being disregarded by the staggering thirteenth century palace.

The Mattinata sea shore along the seaside space of Baia delle Zagare is among its most delightful sea shores with its acclaimed stacks a couple of meters from the shore.

In the event that you like new fish you need to attempt a supper at a trabucco, a conventional wooden fishing stage that juts out to the ocean from on the coast. You can watch the fishing cycle, help out in the event that you need, appreciate a fish supper leaving you with an entirely significant encounter.

Where to Stay

For a choice of the best properties with bona fide and restrictive plan and solace, visit our support, Puglia Paradise.

Estate Margareta


Salento, Puglia

Salento (c) Puglia Paradise

The southernmost space of Puglia is characterized by stony olive forests that stretch out between dry-stone dividers lined with oleander. It has a solid personality with its own cooking, customs and music, impacted by its Greek past.

Alongside a portion of Italy’s best sea shores, for example, Porto Cesareo with the Punta Prosciutto hills, Pescoluse sea shore (likewise called Maldives of Salento) and Torre Lapillo sea shore, there are some intriguing towns to investigate like Otranto, Specchia and Presicce (granted as three of the most delightful Italian towns).

Arrive in the late spring for an opportunity to observe a sagra di paese (a town celebration) where you can eat conventional road food while tuning in to customary music, for example, pizzica or tarantella.


All encompassing perspective on Ostuni

All encompassing perspective on Ostuni (c) Puglia Paradise

The city of Ostuni is a delightful labyrinth like white city on a peak only 8km from the Adriatic Sea. It is loaded with slender roads and rear entryways you can spend ages becoming mixed up in, climbing flights of stairs and falling head over heels in love for the shocking perspectives.

The noteworthy focus inside its antiquated dividers is home to conventional craftsmanship shops, comfortable bistros and aperitivo spots, and beautiful cafés to encounter an ideal Apulian supper. At that point wash it down with a beverage in one of the popular bars where you can appreciate the enthusiastic Italian nightlife in a global climate.

Set in the midst of the olive trees, Villa Rosara styled as a conventional Puglia farmhouse in the midst of arranged grounds, has a porch and private pool. The manor is only a 700m stroll to Ostuni and a short drive to a portion of Puglia’s most wonderful sea shores.

Made in the style of a conventional farmhouse, Villa Margareta is just a little ways from Ostuni. The porch and saltwater pool neglects dazzling ocean sees with a lot of extensive territories where you can unwind in the shade or daylight or set up an in the open air natural supper in the open air wood-terminated grill and pizza stove.

Estate Margareta

Manor Margareta

Manor Skyler

Manor Skyler

The encompassing territory around Ostuni is certainly worth visiting, especially the curious and marginally far removed town of Carovigno well known for its creation of olive oil.

Carovigno is only a 12-minute drive from Ostuni, and on the off chance that you might want to have your base here you can book a stay at Villa Skyler, which is found only 5km from the ocean. The manor is furnished with a terrific saltwater limitlessness pool with perspectives on the ocean and encompassing open country.


Ethereal display of Brindisi, Puglia, Italy

Ethereal display of Brindisi in the early evening, Puglia, Italy

The protected harbor port of Brindisi is an UNESCO legacy site for culture of Peace. The city has the United Nations Logistics Base – the center for peacekeeping tasks.

For a long time, the port was a stop point for the Indian Mail from London to Bombay, and it facilitated any semblance of Virgil and Gandhi.

Its excellent waterfront is loaded with cafés that serve nearby and new food. The old town nicknamed “Brindeasy” for its lethargic and loosened up way of life has an outdated customary appeal where individuals are agreeable and inviting.

Old town of Bari

Old town of Bari (c) Puglia Paradise

Bari, the capital of the district, is humming and occupied and has a stunning old town. Bari Vecchia (the old town of Bari) is a walled city based on a landmass sticking into the ocean. It is private to such an extent that strolling down the limited rear entryways want to be in somebody’s front room. The roads here are spots to mingle, and every morning ladies find a seat at tables making orecchiette (little ears), the commonplace Apulian pasta made by folding the mixture into meager logs, removing a piece and molding it by hand at an astonishingly quick speed.

TIP: Be certain to attempt the focaccia! It is a flatbread normal of this space with cooked cherry tomatoes, olives and shimmering with nearby olive oil.


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