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A Car Dealers License Without the Lot

Have you ever wondered why your hometown has so many auto lots? Simply drive through any small town in the United States and you will notice something peculiar about the vehicle showrooms. There are all around you! Why?? because the automobile industry is so profitable! But starting a company is, to put it mildly, pretty challenging. To be a certified vehicle dealer, the majority of states want the following… a car lot that can accommodate at least 15 vehicles. a standalone structure complete with a phone line and restroom. Oh, and your home doesn’t count, by the way! Some states demand that you finish the course. Another need is an insurance bond, which may cost anywhere from $200 and $5000. And all of this is necessary PRIOR to making a licensing application!

It makes sense that the automobile sales industry is one of the top business prospects for many entrepreneurs. The typical secondhand automobile has a $3000.00 markup! This excludes any profit the dealer would earn on a trade-in. Any dealer should generally offer $1500 less than what they can get for the automobile at an auction. If they decide to retain the automobile, a $1500 markup will be added. You can immediately understand what I’m going at by using the math. This is how I got started in the industry, and it was the finest choice I have ever made! Like you, I yearned to work for myself in the auto industry but lacked the money and time to invest heavily.

Thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to take advantage of many of the financial benefits the business offers without all of the hassle and expenses that were previously necessary. Now, many money-making enthusiasts who have a love for cars are vying for a piece of this lucrative business opportunity. Why is the internet useful? It’s really fairly easy. The statutes provide that all selling documentation must come from the state in where the dealership is located. This is made possible through the internet! Cars may now be sold by a dealer anywhere in the nation! Just a few examples are eBay, Cars.com, Autotrader, Vhix, and Craigslist. These days, the market really is global. … and it’s because of this that an entrepreneur may have a piece of this fantastic pie.

It is now feasible to work for yourself while working from home and generating enormous profits in the auto industry. Dealer-only auction access entails buying at REAL wholesale costs and reselling at huge markups. But one must use extreme caution. There is only one legitimate method to engage in this industry, and although numerous businesses offer to get you involved, they demand exorbitant fees to do so. You could certainly open your own lot anyhow if you had the type of cash they need to get started! Working with a certified dealer is the only legal option to launch this company from the comfort of your own home. You should carefully assess what your money is paying for if you are requested to pay more than $500 upfront or on a regular basis.

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