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How do you define success? Personally, success for me is not just about being able to have that dream job and being able to buy the things that I want and not just needs. Success for me is being able to be recognized for what I become that is beyond what people think that I won’t be able to achieve.

When we were young, we had dreams. We want to become a doctor by profession or own a rest house in the most popular resort in the world. We actually have our own definition of success but despite the differences, there is one thing that is common to all of us and that is the path we took to achieve that dream.

Dreams will become a reality if we work our path there. To do so, we do well in school and pass the exam and work in a prestigious company. But once we have already reached our goal we become stuck. We become mediocres in a way that we don’t know if we still need to grow or just be satisfied with what we currently have as long as we can buy our wants and own a car and house.

This should not be the case. Dreams don’t end when we achieve it. Dreams are actually unlimited and this should be our focus. We should not settle for mediocrity. But this is not an easy path. This requires more sacrifices and risks unlike the previous dream that we already achieved. Does it ever cross your mind that aside from being a licensed doctor, you also would like to become the Chief doctor of the hospital you’re working with? But because you deprived yourself from dreaming again,you just stopped. This is not how it should be. If you want to dream again,make it happen. But if you don’t know how or where to start, then this is the time you should seek professional help.

Yes, to become the best of the best and reach your ultimate capability, you need to know first how and where to begin. Hiring a professional coach is your answer. But before you even contact your coach, you need to prepare yourself first. Put in mind that you must be willing to take risks beyond your imagination and push yourself beyond your limit. You should be able to accept the difficult challenges along the way and even criticism. There is no easy way to success. The only way to become the best of the best is when you go beyond your comfort zone and push yourself even when you fail at some point. It might sound scary but because you have a professional coach to guide you all throughout your journey, there is no other finish line but success.

Find a professional coach that can help you become the executive of your company, the head of your chosen profession and the Most Valuable Player of your chosen sports. Along the way, you might even discover more of your strengths and this becomes your additional asset.

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